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As an aircraft owner, you shouldn’t be burdened by aircraft management and maintenance. Corporate Flight Alternatives frees you up to enjoy your aircraft by providing all inclusive aircraft management, flight services, maintenance, safety, regulatory compliance and more.

Private Aircraft Charter Flights

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CFA offers all inclusive charter services. Simply pick your destination and dial the phone. Our team will take care of the rest. You’ll enjoy access to the private terminal, drive directly to your aircraft which will be waiting and ready to serve you. Learn more about chartering a private jet.

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Our Fleet

Citation Latitude

The Citation latitude comfortably seats up to 9 passengers and is perfect for domestic flights more.

Gulfstream G450

The spacious Gulfstream 450, comfortably seats 14 and is perfect for longer or international flights more.

About CFA

Corporate Flight Alternatives is right-sized for the most exclusive and personalized service in the industry. We’re a smaller and more exclusive Aircraft Management Service Provider than most players in this business, and that’s a good thing. Our experience has shown us that chemistry, fit, and that irreplaceable feeling of trust are essential to a successful, long-term relationship.

CFA’s first-class executive terminal, conveniently located at the Dayton International Airport, features private parking, built-in security measures and a fully equipped private conference room for your use before or after a trip. Our exclusive and confidential, high-tech 24,000 sq. ft. facility is very unique (there’s only one other terminal like it in the country).

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