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Corporate Flight Alternatives understands that while owning an aircraft provides time saving convenience, privacy, and the promise of increased productivity, it is also a major investment. And with that comes considerable responsibilities. Our turnkey professional aircraft management services take care of all of the complexities and aspects of aircraft ownership. Including:

Maintenance – Our on-site, state-of-the-art, certified Part 145 repair station is fully capable of working on Gulfstream V, Hawker 800 series and Cessna Sovereign C680, among other aircraft. Our factory-trained technicians meticulously inspect and maintain all aircraft to the highest industry standards.

Crewing – All of our pilots are experienced, professional aviators who undergo careful screening and complete a rigorous training schedule semi-annually. They follow stringent FAA and Corporate Flight Alternatives guidelines to ensure complete safety for our passengers. All of our pilots are Captain Qualified and average 8,500 flight hours and 27 years of flying experience.

Flight operation – Our experienced management team coordinates all of your trip details. We handle crew and aircraft scheduling, concierge services, ground transportation, flight dispatching and tracking, aircraft maintenance and all related accounting.

Regulatory compliance – CFA ensures that you stay abreast of all detailed aircraft regulatory requirements so you’ll meet or exceed domestic and international regulations outlined by the FAA, ICAO, OSHA and DOT.

Charter service opportunities – Turn your aircraft’s idle time into revenue by allowing your aircraft to become a part of Corporate Flight Alternative’s charter operations. We routinely receive flight requests from other operators, brokers, and corporate flight departments. You use your aircraft whenever you need and CFA will help fill the gaps in between with revenue generating charter trips. All charters are arranged around your schedule and use of the aircraft, so you maintain full authority of your aircraft’s activity.


Why choose Corporate Flight Alternatives to be your aircraft management partner?
Unsurpassed commitment to safety – Corporate Flight Alternatives embraces a culture of safety, and this all encompassing commitment to safety steers everything we do. As an ARG/US Platinum-rated operator you can be assured that your safety is our highest priority.

World-class facility – Corporate Flight Alternative’s exclusive and confidential 24,000 square foot executive terminal is first class all the way. Featuring complete security, private parking, fully equipped conference room, state-of-the-art repair station, on-site jet A fueling, and a spotless and spacious hanger with 28 ft. high door opening.

Personalized service taken to a whole new level – Corporate Flight Alternatives is right-sized for the most exclusive and personalized service in the industry. We’re a smaller and more exclusive Aircraft Management Service Provider than most players in this business, and that’s a good thing. Our senior management is fully engaged and always accessible. Our experience has shown us that chemistry, fit, and that irreplaceable feeling of trust are essential to a successful, long-term relationship. You’ll know us like family and see first-hand that everyone within our company has a genuine interest in your happiness and complete satisfaction.