Exceptional first class airport to airport service

Corporate Flight Alternatives is right-sized for the most exclusive and personalized service in the industry. We’re a smaller and more exclusive Aircraft Management Service Provider than most players in this business, and that’s a good thing. Our senior management is fully engaged and always accessible. Our experience has shown us that chemistry, fit, and that irreplaceable feeling of trust are essential to a successful, long-term relationship. You’ll know us like family and see first-hand that everyone within our company has a genuine interest in your happiness and complete satisfaction.

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First-Class Executive Terminal

First-Class Executive Terminal

Corporate Flight Alternatives' First-class executive terminal, conveniently located at the Dayton International Airport, features private parking, built-in security measures and a fully equipped private conference room for your use before or after a trip. Our exclusive and confidential, high-tech 24,000 sq. ft. facility is very unique (there’s only one other terminal like it in the country). Our spacious hangar is large enough to handle any large cabin airplane and has access to a 10900 foot runway with multiple instrument approaches accessible in most weather conditions.

Experienced Staff


Over the past twenty plus years Corporate Flight Alternatives has managed midsized and large cabin aircraft. From Gulfstream large cabin to midsized Textron products we have the know-how, experience and ability to manage your asset. In addition to managing your asset, Corporate Flight Alternatives' FAA approved 135 certificate allows us to charter your aircraft, even those with ten or more seats, worldwide. Anywhere in the world you would like to visit, Corporate Flight Alternatives can get you there with confidence and comfort in your aircraft. Charlevoix to Kathmandu we have been there and look forward to taking you. Our Maintenance technicians are experienced and certified to work on Gulfstream, Citations, and Hawker aircraft. Their attention to detail is second to none.

Highest Standards

Highest Standards

Our clients use Corporate Flight Alternatives for the highest standard of service provided to them.

"...I look at them as best-in-class that I’ve seen who I’ve flown within the past. I always feel that if there’s bad weather or something else, they’re not going to fly unless it’s perfect. The safety’s there which in my opinion is the most important thing there is."

"Well, it’s basically a door to door…..might be a concierge kind of experience. You pull up to their hangar and there are people who are watching for you to come. They come and assist you with your baggage. You don’t touch your baggage. It all goes straight onto the plane. You walk in and there’s a beautiful facility. You’re greeted by the pilots who are extremely professional and courteous and basically they’ll check your ID and usher you onto the aircraft. The planes are very well maintained. The hangar is spotless. They’re very safety conscious. It’s just everything you would want. They’re good at communicating. If there are any changes, they’re flexible ever since I’ve used them because maybe our airplane has had an issue or is tied up somewhere and very, very responsive and good people."

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